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Audio and Video evidence

Though most of these Evp's were caught in a cemetery at night special permissions were obtained from local law enforcement and in some cases a notarized approval from the county that the cemetery was located in. It is against the law to be in a cemetery after dark with out prior approval.

E.V.P. stands for Electronic Voice Phenomenon. These are voices that are captured on an audio or video recording device and at the time not heard by the investigating party. Though some times the Evp's can be heard with the human ear and not picked up on a recording device and vice versa. Now is this due to the fact that most spirits do not have the energy to project their voice in a decibel that the human ear can hear, or are the spirits using the recording device to aid in their communication? Also, why are some spirits stronger then others and are capable of audio communication that we can hear? These are just a few questions in this field that may never be answered.

These are some of the Evp's that we have recorded while investigating.


This Evp you may have to turn your volume up on your speakers. We didn't want to take a chance on destroying the actual Evp by increasing the volume. Not sure if it's male or female or what is being said, but it appears to be a very long sentence or part of a muffled conversation.

Male's Voice

This Evp is of a male's voice,it is at the very end and it's clear on what is said. This one gives you the "look behind you" feeling.

Female's Voice

This one we had a younger female voice appear on one of our investigations and we returned to the area we had originally got the Evp and this was recorded.

Male's Voice

This Evp is of a male's voice, it was recorded at a local bridge that was said to be haunted. On this particular investigation extremely strange things were happening with the equipment, we couldn't keep the equipment on even though it had full batteries (this is the conversation taking place when the Evp was recorded). Note, the investigators were inside of a van because of the cold and equipment problems when the Evp was recorded.

Strange Sounds

The sounds present on this Evp are different and I'm not sure what to make of them. I first thought that the investigators had captured some raccoon chatter, I did question Jim about this and he said that he didn't hear any sounds like the ones recorded. I do find it interesting that the sounds are very close to the recorder.


I have no idea on what we caught on this Evp. It is strange that the 3 investigators that were standing in the area had an electrical sensation when the Evp was recorded.

Civil War Soldier 1

Civil War Soldier 2

I think this is the coolest Evp that we have caught to date. In this one the two investigators were standing in a driveway and you can hear something running up on the gravel behind them. The second version of this Evp has the area of the Evp amplified to hear it better.

Civil War Soldier 3

This is another one from the Civil War Cemetery that we recently got. Ryan and James are talking about the abbreviation of "CO" on a tomb stone if this means company, colonel or commanding officer.

House Calls 1

House Calls 2

House Calls 3

These ones are from a house in St Claire it has a good run of different Evp's in these clips. They say "look what happen" , "go" and a laugh. See if you can pick them out from the recordings.


This Evp is from a house in Adair and has a few Evp's in it, first is a couple of "hays", then "I need to talk to you" and last "kill".


All client information is kept confidential; posting of case information is done only with prior permission of client.

Case Name: Project X

Current status: Active intelligent haunt

Private residence

Case History: Phantom foot steps, floating cold spots, doors closing/opening, loud banging, lights being turned on, and physical manipulation of objects.

Case Notes: Just standing around talking to the home owner we started hearing foot steps on the floor above us. Black River, the home owner and his son were the only people on the premises at the time and all parties were in the same room. A locked heavy wood door had opened with out any one unlocking it and the light switch was turned on along with the halogen shop lights. The shop lights are NOT on a wall switch, they need to have a push button on the lights themselves depressed for them to turn on. We investigated the area and found floating pockets of high electrical charge and cold. You would be standing in one of these pockets and you could actually feel the change as the pocket moved. Upon leaving we noticed that the home owner had left his flashlight on the tail gate of my truck, Jim took the flash light up to the house and set it in front of the door. Not wanting to wake the home owner he did not knock on the door, but standing at my truck I heard 2 rapid knocks on what sounded like the back door. I asked Jim if he had knocked on the door and he said no, the home owner came out about 15 seconds later and asked what we wanted because he heard some one knocking on his door. We then explained to the home owner that it wasn't us that was knocking and returned his flashlight to him.