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We are still doing the show, but due to school and class schedules we won't be able to record a show every week. We are hoping to still be able to do one show a month for everyone.

current radio shows 2010

Show 07-10-10

Tonight we talk about some of the past years investigations and play some new EVP's.

Show 12-20-10

Tonight we talk about 2010 year in review and a special guest Debbie Chestnut talks about some upcoming works in progress.

current radio shows 2009

Show 01-21-09

Tonight we will be talking about Ouija boards.

Show 02-04-09

Tonight we talk about some signs of a ghostly encounter.

Show 02-11-09

Tonight we talk about investigators out for themselves and scams.

Show 03-04-09

Tonight we talk about the legend of Michigan's Dogman.

Show 03-11-09

Tonight we talk about some investigation techniques.

Show 03-18-09

Tonight we talk about an episode of Monster Quest dealing with Bigfoot.

Show 03-25-09

Tonight we talk about some legends and lore.

Show 04-01-09

Tonight we talk to Richard about being a Pagan and we get an April fools joke in the form of our soundboard acting up.

Show 04-07-09

Tonight we continue our talk with Richard about Auras and get some tips on how to see them.

Show 04-20-09

Tonight we talk about ghost and how they can attach themselves to you.

Show 04-27-09

Tonight we talk with Debi Chestnut author of Ghosts of Anchor Bay.

Show 05-06-09

Tonight we talk about the Zodiac and does your astral sign guide your life.

Show 05-13-09

Tonight we talk about the legends of Stonehenge.

Show 05-20-09 Part 1

Show 05-20-09 Part 2

Tonight for the first half of the show we have the news and we talk about the movie Angels and Demons. For the second half of the show we have special guest Tom Durant one of the lead researchers on the shadow person phenomenon.

Show 05-27-09

Tonight we talk about one of our investigations and our upcoming orb project.

Show 06-10-09

Tonight we talk about the results from our orb project and we talk with Gordon Ireland one of the people heading up The Michigan Witches Ball.  We read off this years sponsor's for the ball at the end of the show so I hope I didn't skip anyone.

past radio shows 2008

Show 9-03-08

Tonight is our first episode of Black River Radio.  We talk about our active investigation called "Project X".  We also discuss some of our Evp’s that we have on our web site, and some tips on starting your own ghost hunting group.  We are still working on perfecting the show, we hope you enjoy this first edition of Black River Radio.

Show 9-10-08 part1

Show 9-10-08 part2

We broke the show into two parts so the file size would be easier to download.  Tonight we talk about some excellent books to have in your archive. We have the interview with the home owner and his son from  "Project X".  On request from the client we did mask his voice.  We also talk about orbs, dust and other things that may cause false ghost images.  We share some interesting topics from the news and Andy rants about an article of 25 top metal bands that he doesn't agree with.

Show 9-17-08

Tonight we talk about time travel and the Philadelphia Experiment.

Show 9-24-08

Tonight we will be picking up with last weeks theme of time travel and talking about the Montauk Project and it's ties to the Philadelphia Experiment.

Show 10-01-08

Tonight we will be talking about religion in general.

Show 10-08-08

Tonight we will be talking about Project HAARP and is there a secret Nazi base in Antarctica.

Show 10-15-08

Tonight we will be talking about the dangers of the paranormal, investigation tips, and Jim's latest outing.

Show 10-22-08

Sorry folks no show for this week due to some technical issues.

Show 10-29-08

Tonight we will be talking about the different styles of hauntings.

Show 11-05-08

Tonight we will be telling some spooky tails about ghost ships and the Bell Witch.

Show 11-12-08

Tonight we will be talking about our latest outings and we touch on the subject of haunted objects.

Show 11-19-08

No show this week.

Show 11-26-08

Tonight we will be talking about dreams and we have our newest member Richard join us. Happy Thanksgiving everyone!